Solstice Thoughts on the Beach

Our friend took us and her 2-year-old daughter camping on the Oregon coast. We spent Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at Beverly Beach, south of Depoe Bay, where Spencer Creek joins the ocean. Wonderful campground: nice private spaces, flush privies and showers, trash disposal and recycling receptacles on site. Lots of rocks between the camp and the sand; MiLady only made it down once, but she was content with that. I found myself alone on the beach at six AM on Solstice morn, doing what I always do; picking up rocks that speak to me.

I did the same thing on our honeymoon; I walked down the beach picking up rocks of a certain (small) size, which went home with me to become my rune set. (Silver pen on pebbles. Some day I’ll take the time to paint & varnish, and then I’ll never have to rewrite them again!) This time I was inspired by posts on Walking the Hedge about making your own divination set; my goal was to pick up what spoke to me, and then play with them more at home to see just what they’re saying to me. It’ll be fun.

But anyway: so I was sitting on the beach at 6 AM on solstice morning, imagining itty bitty penguins riding the itty bitty waves (Surf’s Up; we’re watching all our animated stuff a lot when said two-year-old comes over), and thinking about the day. Solstice. The end of the first half of the year, the beginning of the second. The Oak King has retired the field; Long Live the Holly King! You could call it the Hump Day of the year; it’a all down hill from here!

So if the first six months of the year are the uphill (the preparation, the planting and tending, the organization) for the second half of the year (the execution, the harvest and rendering) — then I had better get off my depressed and socially phobic tailbone and actually put some of these plans into actual action. The time has come to get my head together and my butt in gear. You may well hear much more from me in future. 8-)

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